Veloce Racing Winton Nov 2016

The Veloce Racing Association is based primarily in NSW, and runs a great all-Alfa series including the famous East Coast Challenge run across Victoria, NSW, and Queensland.  I missed last year’s Winton round of the ECC due to other commitments, but couldn’t miss it this year despite it being so close to our own Alfa Racing round the following weekend.  Neil Choi and I took our cars up to represent Victoria against the interlopers.  There was unfortunately only a small field of nine cars this year, but every driver was keen to show their skill on the long circuit.  This event for the last two years has been a support category for the Winton 300, which makes for interesting spectating between races.

The four races across the weekend were varied, with a dry day on Saturday and heavy rain on Sunday making conditions very tough.  Our Alfasud really shined in the wet, where I was able to take two 2nd place finishes.  I was just unable to keep with the other front-wheel-drive Alfa 33 in the wet in race four, Andrew Wilson really put on a wet weather showcase.  In the meeting results I was quite pleased to have finished fourth against some tough competition.

Author: Evan

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