1750 GTV – June 2016

Author: Evan

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  1. How did you get the block and Simpson shiny? Currently rebuilding a1750 for a 1971 GTV. Would like mine to look similar when finished.

    Thanks for any advice.

    Eric Schnettler
    Syracuse NY

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    • That would be “sump”. Auto correct changed that in my last post…..

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    • Hi Eric, sorry for delayed reply – wasn’t paying attention the last couple of months, distracted with other projects!

      The block, head, manifold, sump were all ‘water blasted’ which I believe is a high pressure water blasting with plastic beads. The parts certainly come back VERY clean, and it also apparently closes up any porosity caused by oxidation of the aluminium, which means it should stay clean for longer.

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      • Hi Evan,

        I thought that might have been the process. Eastwood automotive makes a device called a soda blaster. Basically high pressure water with baking soda mixed into a solution. Similar results. There are videos of this on youtube.

        Thanks for the response

        Eric Schnettler
        Cicero NY
        88 Spider
        71 GTV

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