A new heart with 16 valves

The old 1.5 8v engine was quite sick after our sprint day in March, so we decided it was time to build the 16v engine. We’d been collecting parts for the engine for years, but just needed a hurry up!

  • 1.7 block with a 1.5 cranks (makes 1.6, to keep me in class)
  • Cat cams 288deg/12.1mm lift + valve springs, retainers, buckets
  • Everything lightened and balanced.
  • 10.2:1 compression
  • Standard valve sizes etc.
  • Dellorto 45 carbs.

IMG_2956 IMG_2969

Definitely no rocket-ship, but no ‘hand grenade’ either hopefully. A good solid power upgrade, with a surprisingly wide flat torque curve. Not angry and peaky at all, with a nice idle and everything.  This is definitely the start of development though – need to improve the exhaust, and cold air intake, and more revs…

Here’s my first test day at Winton raceway – still running in only using 6500rpm and with no brakes or tyres but still matched my personal best with the old engine.

Author: Evan

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  1. Hi , good to see Alfasud racing. Build one myself here in Malaysia for classic race.

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