Spettacolo 2013

The annual display day came back to the oval at Wesley College in St Kilda Rd this year and the oval is in fine condition, which is good because the day started wet.  It soon dried out, although threatened for most of the day.  An excellent day full of fabulous cars, food, and entertainment for the kids – highly recommended.

A huge highlight for me was the first appearance of the restored Brian Foley GTAm, resplendent in fresh paint and genuine sign-writing (you can see the brush marks – fabulous).  The narrow angle injected 2-litre engine hasn’t been run yet but looks fabulous in the engine bay.

IMG_2614 IMG_2626

More photos in the gallery below.  I think this is the cleanest the Sud has been in years, I actually cleaned and polished the wheels and all the brightwork – looks okay from 30 feet!

Author: Evan

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