New Bits #27 – Car audio

As the GTV project is moving along again, it’s not too many more steps before we put the dash and consoles in.  I started to think again about an audio solution.  I’ve dithered on this – I definitely don’t want to cut the dash timbers to fit a classic face radio, and I don’t really want to put in speakers in the parcel shelf or rear side panels.  I almost decided not to fit any audio at all.  Then I came across an interesting device called an ‘iSimple‘.  The small box is wired into a 12 volt source, and then delivers audio (and video) from an ipod or iphone to a set of RCA connectors.  The connector is powered, so it will also charge your ipod or iphone.


My plan is to wire in this device to a small amplifier, located in the glovebox.  For now I’ll only fit speakers in the centre console – I understand they won’t deliver huge sound, but that’s not really what I’m after anyway.

For an amplifier I picked up a ridiculously cheap Lepai stereo amp from eBay – for the grand sum of $22.80 including shipping.  I’m really keen to hear this amp – I’ve read a bit about the Tripath chipset that is used and it sounds like these little amplifiers perform incredibly well for the price.

1-IMG_2101 2-IMG_2102

We’ll give it a try anyway and see what it sounds like…

Author: Evan

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