1750 GTV – February 2013 #2

Progress update.

Fuel tank fitted, with the fiddly rubber seal (boiling water required to soften the rubber).  Dynamat fitted to the firewall should keep things quiet.  Apparently the stuff is a bit fiddly if it’s been sitting around for a while probably something best to buy just before you want to fit it.

Steering box and column, pedal box, accelerator lever, and handbrake lever all fitted.  All the steering is together now, so the car can be put on the hoist and fitted with springs and other things from below.

Our heater box casing was cracked, so replacing this box.  Need to source a new tap diaphragm for the alloy tap.  Brake calipers were all seized up, will need a tidy up once honed and refreshed with new seals and bleed screws.

Detail of the rear axle with new droop straps, bump stops, handbrake cables fitted.

Author: Evan

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