AROCA Winton December 2012

My friend Sheldon and I hatched a plan to take the car he’s preparing for the Shitbox Rally next year to Winton for a club sprint, and see if we could kill it.  Mission unsuccessful.  The stock Alfa 90 is quite soft and spongey but surprisingly predictable and fun to drive.  The de-dion rear end keeps it incredibly well planted, but is not enough to stop the inside rear wheel from lighting up in the tight stuff – well actually pretty much every corner.  Spinning up the inside wheel through the latter part of the sweeper at Winton is a very interesting experience.

As you can see, the 90 is a proper shitbox, and was definitely feeling worse for wear at the end of the day.  Sheldon has until next May to get the car fit for a massive adventure from Melbourne to Adelaide and then the rally to Fremantle via Uluru!




Author: Evan

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