Weight Loss

The Sud hasn’t seen the race track for almost a year – since the Winton 6 hour in 2011 (we came fourth by the way).  We’ve been busy with other things, including a driving tour in Tassie and the Shitbox rally.  Then Phil started to talk about the Alfa ‘East Coast Challenge’ coming to Winton in September – one thing led to another, and I was entering for my first full race meeting!  But the Sud is pretty slow, and I figured that the field would be made up of bigger capacity and better prepared cars.  No time or money to build a new race engine, so time to try out some weight loss?

The Sud isn’t the prettiest car out there, and this one is about four different shades of red.  Fitting the lexan windows also involved fixing some rust, and the repairs were painted with rattle can red.  The result looks okay from a distance. I guess one day we’ll give the Madame a new shiny coat of paint…

Author: Evan

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