Shitbox Rally 2012 – Epilogue

I want to post a thank-you to everyone who donated on our behalf – they are all listed on the donation website:  Special thanks to all my colleagues at ThoughtWorks who donated, you’re all very generous people.

Companies that helped out:  Bruno and Giancarlo at Maranello Pur Sang Motors for … well… everything.  Mike at Monza Car Spa.  Branko at Documation.  Stuckey Tyres for donating second hand rally tyres, without which we would have been in real trouble.  Also lots of folk in the Alfa Romeo Owners Club who offered advice, spare parts, and otherwise helped out.

The biggest thanks of all go to Sheldon – who cajoled me into coming along, and put up with me for seven days in a shitbox!  Thanks mate – I wouldn’t have gone without you.

I took the race camera along on the trip and captured some fun footage along the way.  Here’s a compilation:


Next year’s rally route was announced at the after-party:  Adelaide to Fremantle – via Uluru.  That sounds truly epic!  Will I be there next year?

Author: Evan

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