Shitbox Rally 2012 – Day Six

Day Six – Winton to Undara, 608 kms, mixed unsealed and sealed.



Happy to get out of Winton.  Nice town, but a little menacing.  Could be the rumours of police with vendettas?

We got a UHF call on our way to Stamford, the primary school kids would like to see the cars on their way through…  we stopped and the kids were very excited to see the shitboxes, and even took the opportunity to stand on one of them!  It’s a tiny school of four kids, we happened to be there when kids had travelled up to 150km to visit for a book fair.



Day six was a surprisingly rough day, with lots of dirt and a few road trains.  We hit a massive rock at one stage, thankfully the sump guard stopped it or we would have destroyed the sump.  Undara is like a bush resort in the middle of a cattle station – very pleasant and well equipped.  It felt like we were getting back to civilisation…

Author: Evan

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