1750 GTV – March 2012

Fiddling with the pedals for the GTV.  These pedals have a pressed-in bronze bushing which wears and makes the pedals loose and rattly, and the brake pedal from our car was particularly bad.  Rather than hunt for a suitable bushing, I went through a box of old pedals until I found a decent brake pedal and cleaned it up.  I still need to drill out the hole for the push rod clevis pin as it has worn into an oval.  When that’s done I can tackle getting the pedals through the rubber gaiter without splitting it (!).  I’ve read that the best way is lots of hot water, plastic bag over the pivot end of the pedal arms, lots of olive oil and some good luck.

Have also blasted and painted a couple of other bits and bobs.

Update: I came across some new clevis pins which fit very well and the holes aren’t that out of round, so I decided to put the thing together.  Lots of hot water on the rubber, then plastic bags over the pedal bases, lots of olive oil, and pushed them through.  POP!  I really thought that the rubber would rip, but it didn’t.  Happy with that.  Lots of heavy grease on the shafts and bolted it together.

Author: Evan

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