Sh*tboxes at Spettacolo

Mario Speedwagon II went on display today at the Spettacolo club display day.  Two of the other Alfas going on the rally were displayed too, and there was a fundraising barbecue and cake stall.  We’ve made some great progress towards our fundraising goal thanks to the generosity of our friends, family and colleagues.  At the time of writing the Scuderia Shitbox fundraising tally stands at $3,960 – almost at the minimum we must raise to participate, although we still want to raise more of course.

Some work has been done to prepare Mario II for the journey ahead – some (average) bodywork and paint, fresh castor arm bushes, new rear light units, and replacement electric window motor units.  Still some work to do to get roadworthy, but not far off now.  He runs a bit rough down low but pulls very strong over 3000rpm, so needs a bit of weber fettling (best left to our favourite weber expert).  Good compression, and the cooling system seems in good order.  Brakes are a bit soggy, but that seems standard fitment for an Alfetta.



Pictured is the blue Alfetta GCL of team Two Amigos, and the colourful Alfa 90 of team Alfa Will We Get?  What a pair of sh*tboxes.  At the end of the day there was a crowd standing around the 90 pondering why it was only running on four (and a bit) cylinders…

Remember: the link for donations is

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