New and Old Bits #22

A chap on the AlfaBB was having a garage sale, so I purchased this very good brake fluid reservoir from him, and an original Fispa fuel filter/regulator.  I’ll clean up the filter/reg, hopefully it’s in good working order although I understand that the diaphram and seal are available from Ferrari specialists as it was a shared component.


I also got this air filter housing sticker from Prins Bredevoort in the Netherlands.




Author: Evan

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  1. I’m curious to know how much the replacement diaphragm and seal cost. I always prepare myself for it to be one of two extremes, either $1.18 or $118 each.

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    • I haven’t actually looked into it, but yes I agree on the need to brace yourself. Some items on these (relatively inexpensive) cars are quite remarkably hard to come by and very expensive.

      The repair kit for the Lockheed single-circuit brake servo was GBP95!

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