New Bits #22

I have an ignition lock supplied by Rob Panetta, with a single key.  I was thinking I should get another pair of keys cut from the original.  In my Internet meanderings I came across a recommendation for, who claim to be able to identify and re-cut keys from photos as good as the original.  They have a large stock of key blanks to suit classic cars, and will either cut a key from code you supply, or identify the code from a photo you supply of your original key.

I sent in a high-resolution photo of the one key I had – actually a copy itself, not an original.  I got an email back saying they’d been sent from Canberra, and I tried them in the ignition lock tonight and they are perfect.  Theoretically they should be better than a copy, as they are actually cut to the original code not a copy of a copy.   Happy with that, and glad to support a local specialist business that’s doing trade all over the world.

Author: Evan

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