In the family: 1965 Giulia Super

Fiona’s parents have finally succumbed to the Alfa virus, and bought this very tidy 1965 Giulia Super.  It belonged to a club member who took very good care of it while using it regularly so it’s really a perfect car for Bruce and Helen.  I had a good run around in it last weekend, and wrote my impressions afterwards:

Wonderful note, very smooth the 1600 feels surprisingly strong (I’ve only driven 1750s or 2000s before).  Lovely comfortable seats, and great pedal positioning with a proper foot rest!  Body roll is severe and feels pretty dramatic but the car takes a set very quickly and feels very sure-footed.  Steering is heavier than I expect, and the plastic steering wheel feels quite thin compared to the GTV wooden wheel.  Very confidently placed in the corners.  The trademark wiggle from the back-end over rough surfaces, been a while since I’ve felt that.  Incredible visibility, very quiet really at 70mph on the freeway, lovely smooth gear change I’d forgotten what a pleasure a well sorted 105 gearbox is!

Verdict:  fantastic.  I’m incredibly jealous. 
I’m also looking forward to my next drive!  They’ve signed up with us for the four-day driving tour of Tasmania at Easter next year, that should be a great trip for the Giulia.

Author: Evan

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  1. G`day Evan, interesting read, more a Triumph person myself, two wheels preferably.

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