Shitbox Rally 2012 – Introducing Mario II

Early next year my friend Sheldon and I are going to participate in the ‘Shitbox Rally’, a charity car bash from Melbourne to Cairns through outback Australia.  We’re allowed to spend $1000 to prepare a car to make the seven-day 4000km journey including some seriously rugged terrain, sand dunes, long days of rough dirt tracks, and four states of this big empty country.  Why?  Well partly because we’re friends, car nuts, and because it’s for a bloody good cause.  When I was seventeen my father died of lung cancer.  Sheldon’s older brother also succumbed to cancer.  We’re both very eager to see some money go towards cancer research, so here’s a way we can get involved and have some great experiences along the way.

So what kind of car would you pick for this journey?  A big Australian sedan made for long distance driving?  Err no.  We’ve picked up our mighty steed – a 1983 Alfa Romeo Alfetta sedan.  It only has a little bit of rust, and a fine Italian thoroughbred engine – just the thing for the outback right?  We’ll need a bit of luck and ingenuity to get through this intact.

So – please visit our fundraising page, and if you can spare a few dollars then please do.  The website linked below takes all forms of payments – large or small.

I stole these photos gratuitously from Sheldon’s blog post here:

Author: Evan

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