1750 GTV – June 2011

Sam is back to work on the GTV with gusto.  Finished the RH sill panel, B-pillar, and primed the rear guard.  Also fixed a couple of low spots on the roof (which I couldn’t even see!).  Working on fitment and gapping of the doors.  The door hinges are re-bushed, and a few minor bumps smoothed out in both door skins.  I brought around the new door handles for trial fitting, and the mirror to pick the correct location.  Derek has this handy reference for factory mirror placement.

Lots of work still to go – RH front guard, front panel and upper radiator panel, and the rear panel – but it’s great to see this progress.

Author: Evan

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  1. Looking great Evan! I’m yet to see how my door gaps are panning out. So nice to see all that primer going on too. Much better coverage than the factory did thats for sure.

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