1750 GTV – May 2011

Not much to show on the bodywork front, as Sam has been busy on a Fiat 124.  That’ll continue for at least the next three weeks, then he’ll pick up our project again.  I’m happy for some delay, as I want to get all the suspension reconditioned before he’s finished the paint – so that we can make a rolling car immediately.

I’ve spent a couple of days pulling apart the front suspension, sandblasting all the parts, and painting them with black enamel.  I’m using VHT engine enamel, which is supposed to cure to a very durable finish and is easy to touch up over time where it does chip.  I chose this instead of powder coating based on various recommendations – we’ll see.  Turns out I’m a terrible painter and a slow learner.  Lots of runs.

I now have two buckets full of small parts to be plated – one for black zinc, one for plain (silver) zinc.  Still investigating options for this plating – but have had several recommendations thanks to the Alfa club forum.

I included a sample here of photos that I’ve taken as reference for the bolts/washers/nuts used in each application – to get plated they’ll all go in together and I’ll have to sort them out later.  Hmm.

Author: Evan

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