1750 GTV – April 2011

Here’s a big update of about 3-4 weeks work done.  I missed one weekend, then went to Sam’s workshop last week but forgot my camera and the iPhone just wouldn’t cut it.

The highlights:

  • There’s some awkward rot in the right hand guard, so we decided to get a new one.
  • Because this has to be done, we decided to change over the whole front panel, and the panel above the radiator which had previously been poorly repaired.
  • I’ve sourced a couple of very very good doors (thanks Phil!)
  • Blasting was done around the engine bay and radiator crossmember, and under the front and rear guards.
  • Rear arch repair sections have been done.
  • Repairs have been done to the rear side window sills.
  • Front left-hand shocker bracket replaced.
  • A fix made to a previous poor repair on the passenger seat bracket.
  • Left-hand outer sill is almost done.

So I’m going to have some excess panels – the front valance I originally bought, RH front guard repair section, and possibly door skins.  Hopefully they will come in handy for someone.

Author: Evan

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  1. Hi Evan
    The panel shop are doing a good job on your car. I might need lefthand door skin if you have one over.


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  2. great work Evan. Thank you for documenting it for all to enjoy. I am working on my 1st alfa a 1974 gtv2000 over in the US. Keep up with the updates.

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