Past Alfas: 1991 Alfa 33 16v Sportwagon

Our 1991 Alfa 33 16v Sportwagon, owned from 2001-2004.  Purchased for £500, it gave us lots of fun motoring around the UK.  It was tidy but not outstanding, was sad to watch it deteriorate sitting out in the weather in London.  It was mostly reliable as well, except each time Fiona’s mum visited and it wouldn’t start – batteries don’t last long in the UK winter.  I learned why you change cambelts on these engines too – snapped a cambelt and bent four valves, but still got it repaired and kept motoring.

These photos are from a trip in Summer 2002 visiting the Scottish Highlands, one of the photos is on the Bealach na Bà (pass of the cattle).

Edit: Just checked with the DVLA and the car hasn’t been taxed since Oct 2004.  I assume it went to the scrappers.  Makes me kinda sad.

Author: Evan

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