1750 GTV – February 2011 #4

A minor update.  I needed a front tailshaft coupling (donut/guibo) for the 75 and they are much cheaper from EB Spares in the UK, so I ordered some other bits for no extra postage…  A kit for the fuel flap with new rivets rubbers and spring, spare brake clips and pins, and a handbrake cable.

I also received a set of replica decals from Carclassic.  I don’t entirely know where all of these go, but the research is part of the fun.  This post on AlfaBB provides some clues.

I’ve also had access to a sand blaster, so I cleaned up and painted my first ‘reconditioned by me’ part.  The bracket that carries the number plate lights inside the rear bumper.  Sand blasting is awesome.  This part was very ugly after 40+ years in the weather, it’s great to make it tidy (I won’t say ‘as-new’) again.

I decided on advice to use an engine enamel (VHT product) for these parts, and will probably use the same on all of the suspension.  It is supposed to cure very hard and stay very tidy, and is easy enough to touch up.

Author: Evan

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