1750 GTV – February 2011

There were some non-standard holes in the RH inner guard – three for an aftermarket horn bracket, the other four I’m not sure.  They’re now filled.  The battery tray removed, and the expected holes in the chassis rail welded up.  The engine bay will be sand blasted next.

Roof is primed to protect the bare metal.

The floors have a few older repair sections, but look pretty solid.  We’ll see when the paint comes up.  Interesting one of those patch sections on the passenger side didn’t replace the reinforced section for the seat frame bolts – so one corner of the passenger seat was just bolted through the thin floor.  This’ll get fixed properly.

Last panels came from Classic Alfa.  The boot floor and door skins were slightly damaged in transit, nice that the chaps at Classic Alfa arranged me a credit on part of the costs.  Good people to deal with.

Author: Evan

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