Secret Project #1

Author: Evan

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  1. Gooday,interesting to read your info on the racing sud.We have a trofeo class here in South Africa with about 40 cars registered, only 2 sud`s though.The cars have been stripped out and run 33 front susp with outboard brakes, we are not allowed to run coil overs etc.the lower section of the strut has been slotted for camber, however these cars still flex and chew the outside of the tyre. Is there anything that can be done to reduce this, I have heard talk about a rear anti roll bar. Also all the vehicles produced here ran dellorto 32 DRLA twin carbs,can the chokes be changed for bigger units to increase performance.We are trying to keep this dying breed alive, they are really such joy to drive, just need a little extra power to run with twin cam motors.Your comments will be appreciated.
    Best regards. Warren.

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