Old bits #88

Mk1 1750 front indicator/parking lights are very pretty.  These ones have been slightly butchered, but I think I’ll try to fix them.  Looking for one of the base plates (left hand front indicator).

There’s some remnant gasket in the groove where the plastic lens fits.  What do people do to replace this gasket?

The bolts holding the number plate light fittings are totally rusted, will have to cut them out.

When I was removing the front quarter-light frames from the doors, the pivot stud on the right-hand frame broke (second picture).  It’s just a cast block riveted to the frame.  Will have to track down another RH quarter-light.

Details of the rubber seals, window stop rubber (riveted twice to the channel, and the felts.  The felts are glued into the frame channel.

Author: Evan

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