1750 GTV – January 2011 #7

Here’s the GTV in it’s new home for the next few months.  Progress to date – the roof is stripped, it shows a very minor repair towards the front.  Already showing some former sins – Sam cut a nasty patch off the RH sill, metal had just been layered on top of the rusty section and then bogged up.  It showed a little rust on the middle sill, but nothing unexpected.  The bonnet has been damaged – probably something/one jumped on it.  I’ve already sourced a good replacement.  The door frames are pretty bad in the front corners around the hinges.  It’s repairable but not trivial, so I’m going to look for a couple of doors.
We also made a big list of repair sections to buy – going to favour getting fresh metal rather than labour-intensive repair.  Will be placing an order with Classic Alfa next week.

Author: Evan

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  1. Hi, would you be interested in a couple of repaired sections you might need for your car? They were left over from my restoration.
    The first one is a left hand rear repair section. The second is a small front valance repair section.
    These parts were bought from Classic Alfa so if you’re interested email me. I’ve got some pics I can email you if you like.

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